Favourite Things: Summer Savers

1. Yves Rocher Exfoliating Shower Gel with Lemon Basil
I am a bit lover of exfoliating shower gels, but I stopped using them because those little bits inside are damaging for the environment so... and then Yves Rocher came up with their own version that is eco-friendly and the exfoliating grains are fruit seeds, hence biodegradable and not bad for the planet! Basil essential oil, lemon extract, fruit seeds and a bottle that contains 25% less plastic makes for a great and energizing shower.

Pepco is perhaps my favourite place on Earth. Sure, it is crowded and a mess, but the things are cheap and lovely and it makes my house so so pretty. This is my small table created entirely with Pepco products: a gorgeous wooden tray for my glass and water filter, a big clear vase for my immortal flowers, a vase for my mortal flower that Anda gave me and the cutest decor candle with "What a Wonderful World". And I also have two cute wooden boxes in my bathroom to sort my products -…

A Daily Fresh Start

My story with a healthy lifestyle and mainly healthy eating is a roller-coaster. I wake up, I decide I am going to join the healthy lifestyle, I do everything perfectly and then I have a bad day when I eat some chips so if I am already eating chips while not eat them all? And then what is the point of eating healthy again if I ruined it... and this is how it goes.

Until a few weeks ago when I decided that going totally healthy from the start is hard and it won't stick to me, so I just turned around and looked at things differently. First I started with cooking more. It's easier to make sure your food is healthier if you make it yourself and use good ingredients and try to avoid the unhealthy things - although even those are better home-cooked than ordered.

That was my start. And then I started losing weight, which is great and what I want and it is hard work, but the secret is - surprise, surprise and so cliche - balance. It is all about moderation and learning that food is f…

You Don't Need a Reason to Help People

I find myself returning to my thoughts on charity and this feeling that I am not doing enough... Then I found this quote, that one does not have to do it all. That maybe doing even a little bit is better than doing nothing. I mean, of course it is, but is it enough? And what does enough mean? What more can I do?

And the answer is... to be more altruistic. That's going to be my focus for the following months. Help more, give more, expect nothing in return. I don't mean giving my entire bank account to the charity, but learning to give without feeling guilty because I am doing what I can and do more when possible.

These days I am searching for the answer to that century old question: are people good or bad? Or what makes some people good and some bad, or how can people be good and bad at the same time and is it nature or nurture? Maybe I should start with some old philosophers... and in the end I know it is about opinions and beliefs. And I believe that people are mostly good -…

On the Mind #4: Update

This is just a short update on my latest On the Mind post, because sometimes it's good to know where you stand with your projects and huge to do lists.

PROJECT: The Closet Makeup

Okay, now all my clothes are washed, ironed and folded (thank you, dad) and I have WAY TOO MANY CLOTHES! Now that I am aware of that, I will mindfully sort my clothes - but not today - and give them away or sell the clothes I never wore or do something about them. I am not yet ready for a 33 closet project or anything like that, but I am willing to live with less... a lot less.

PROJECT: Perfect Bathroom

The bathroom is scrubbed and clean and nice. All I have left to do is further organize my bath products. The soap tray project is postponed because it is no longer necessary.

PROJECT: The Kitchen Massacre

All done! I am happy to say that my kitchen is super clean, my fridge top is not cluttered and my pantry is sorted and good to go. Currently I am working on using my pantry more and cooking with all those noo…

Writing down your wish...

It's funny how things work. Earlier this year I made a list of long term and short term goals. I did it to remind me of what I want, but of course I never returned to the list - only a few times when I realized that things were happening...

On my short term I had to learn Excel which was strictly related to my long term wish to become an OMD analyst. I had that down before the position was even available to apply for - I knew or better said I hoped it would be available because they were looking for a Senior OMD Analyst that had to have 9 months experience with the OMD so... so they had to replace the person who was going to be promoted, right?

Then I got the job... and that's when I returned to the list. Some things from the long term were in my head really really long long long term or things that were not going to happen too soon... But now another one is about to be crossed off. Well, it is crossed off, there's just waiting involved and... I don't know, I am happy…

What Am I Eating 001

So... I challenged myself to cook more and bring home cooked lunches to work. Hence, I will share some recipes on the blog - trying to go for breakfast, lunch and dinner but I usually just make a simple salad for lunch and have yogurt or fruit for breakfast. But, alas, I am making an effort.

Seeds & Cherry Smoothie Bowl

Banana, cherries, apricot, water, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, granola, goji berries, coconut flakes.

Make a smoothie with banana, cherries and any other fruit you have in the house (I used apricots) with a bit of water - you don't want it to be a liquid. It helps if you have frozen bananas, I have no room in the freezer. Afterwards, top your smoothie with some granola and anything you want, especially seeds that are rich in antioxidants and omegas, but anything goes.

Pasta Tuna Salad

Orecchiatte pasta (or any kind of small pasta), a tuna can, 1 tbsp of capers, one yellow red pepper, cherry tomatoes, balsamic vinegar, olive oil,…