2016 Was Not That Bad (Personally)

On the 26th of December I went out with my boyfriend, a friend who is studying abroad but came home for the holidays, and two of his Russian friends. That's when I realized how far I've come in my journey with anxiety.

I had no anxiety and I was having drinks with two strangers!! I was joking and laughing and discussing stuff like communism and taxes and politics - subjects I do not feel good talking about because of my lack of knowledge -, having no babies - subject I know a lot about because it's basically just your own opinion - yet in the past I would feel anxiety at sharing an opinion that might not be generally agreed on -, and more.

I was casual from the first 5 minutes of meeting them and I never felt awkward or stupid or, well, anxious! It was comfortable like we were friends since forever and we were meeting for warm drinks, whiskey and beers on a cold winter evening. And lava cake, oh, that lava cake was delicious! And I only started drinking after the first hour and half (or more) so you can't say alcohol had that effect on me!

It was only after our meeting that I realized my lack of anxiety and how liberating that felt. I can be me and express myself and not hold back on my opinions, be them wrong or right in society's eyes. And this big achievement marks my 2016. I know this year has some kind of bad reputation (I am not even trying to think about Carrie Fisher), but for me it was a generally good year - mainly focused around my battle with anxiety. I even went to a job interview as an exposure for my anxiety group therapy and got a job that's fairly easy and not stressful - and a monthly stable income. Plus I met a lot of new people!

So here's to a good (controversial) year and an even better one to come! Cheers!


Other memorable events in 2016 (with evidence from Instagram):

I started the year in Brasov, after spending the day on the slopes trying to snowboard. I built my first snowman with my hubbyWe got a Nintendo 3DS! We tried the Running Sushi place for the first time (and ate there quite a lot this year). I took part in an Anxiety Group Therapy study - and got 12 free therapy sessions (and it helped quite a lot as you probably read above). I took a course on Fundamentals of Graphic Design and it made me take on more Graphic Design projects (especially business cards, I really enjoy those).

I went to a Blind Date with a Book eventMade a pie on Pi Day! Went to the Cat Cafe quite a lot (still not enough). Went to a lot of theatre shows and documentaries this year. Got a plant and it's surprisingly still alive (but kinda dying - I swear that plant is "kinda dying" since the second day I got her). Discovered a new favourite cocktail (but did not drink as many cocktails this year - that shall be changed in 2017).

FOUND THE LINDT EASTER BUNNY! Went for hikes and spent a lot of time with all kind of friends and even mixed them together one night (if I think about it I have more friends than I thought I do...) Book fairs happened... And a lot of other festivals like Jazz in the Park and Food Street Festival! Spent Easter with both of our familiesStarted my "day" jobSurvived a panic attack (well more - I think this year I had more panic attacks than last year when I did basically nothing). TIFF happened, of course! And Comedy Cluj! And a lot of shopping (especially H&M) happened!

My cat got his first haircut this summer. I went to the Summer Party at work, had lots of fun on the night shifts, and went in a team building tripWe went back to Sibiu and I fell in love with Solstafir at ArtMania! And I was a dog-sitter for a week and it was EPIC! Went to the Botanical Garden (again, yes, again)! And we have a churros place is town!

Got my first expensive phoneWe went camping. My parents visited again and I took them out to dinner for my Dad's birthday! We bought our first car (and my current no. 1 anxiety source). I kinda did #Inktober! Got gel nails for the first time! I met Mihnea from Luna Amara when I went to Andi's acoustic concert with Mihnea (I had no idea he was going to introduce me to him so I was a sleepy mess). Ate a lot of waffles from BitdefenderI played air hockey for the first time!I discovered Vietnamese coffee and fell in love with condensed milk.

Traveled by plane for the first time ever! Went back to my hometown to change my ID and had a great time with my family! And my Monster! It snowed super early in November! AND IT SNOWED ON CHRISTMAS DAY! Got some lovely birthday presents this year. And I had a lot of sales and work in the last two months of the year! Went to Patricia's themed birthday party and it was amazing! Raised awareness for World AIDS Day (and month). I learnt a bit of guitar - and I am planning to get better at it!

MY BEST FRIEND CAME IN TOWN AND WE WENT TO KINGS ON ICE (WHICH IS ONE OF OUR DREAM SINCE WE WERE IN HIGH SCHOOL)! Got the best Christmas present EVERAnd I basically had a lot of fun with this guy! Every single day! And I plan to do the same for next 365 days and many days before those!

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