Christmas List

I am back, but let's not talk about that and instead focus on how you can put the Grinch away this Christmas and embrace Buddy the Elf! I am usually a Grinch, but he is on a vacation and I found myself experiencing this Christmas in a total different way! 

So here's a list of things to do to make the world better and feel better about yourself:

  • Get involved! Do you have a Charity Group at work? 'Cause I do and the whole year I was a bit anxious (hello, social anxiety) to participate in any of their projects. But when I got the change to be Santa for a kid whose parents can't afford to buy a lot of presents this Christmas I hit the reply button instantly and BAM I was a Santa! My kid was a sweet 9 y/o girl and she made me (well, Santa) a very creative Christmas card.
  • Donate whatever you can! Go through your closet and get rid of clothes you no longer a wear - don't be a Scrooge and make sure you don't give away unwearable garments. There are a bunch of clothes container around Cluj that give to homeless people and other people in need. Have no clothes to give? Then donate time or, if you are lazy like me or just could not find a way to donate time, donate some money. Just make sure you do your research. You can even do one of those things where you buy something (so you get something), but all the money goes to a charity. Pick a charity you believe in. I recommend the Red Cross - in Cluj, they have a donation box at the airport (for some reason the airport is filled with donation boxes but most I had no idea what they were and they did not give any information, so Red Cross is your safest bet), or the UN Refugee Agency - Neil Gaiman volunteers for them and personally it just makes me really sad thinking about being away from family and your home, especially around Christmas. Don't know how to donate? Well, I will be a bit cheeky and promote myself: all the money I make on my Etsy shop this month is going to UN Refugee Agency!
  • Take part in charitable events! I guess this one is just part 2 of the one above, but there are just so many ways you can give back and have fun! There's the Santa Run (on 17th) and the participation fee is going to World Vision Romania (to their project of helping kids going to high school) - the company I work for offered to pay the fee but I did not sign up for this (so not confident in my running skills), but I plan to next year! And you can go to the Winter Charity Fair (15-16th, the Casino in Central Park) - all the proceeds go to Keep the Blood Flowing.
  • Don't forget about the animals! Maybe take a stray in or just feed them if your partner is allergic (like someone I know...). Or find a charity for animals! Can you tell I'm really into charities this December? Nuca Animal Welfare is collecting food for all the dogs and cats that they save! The event is on 17th of December (Vivo/Polus Shopping Center) and you can bring dog or cat food, bags of rice, tuna cans or simply donate money.
  • Or you could, you know, just be nice! I know not everyone has the time or money to do all the things listed above (the time one is debatable) - I know I didn't last year, so just put the Grinch to sleep a bit and be more like Buddy. Smile more, don't get angry as fast, try to understand the fellow humans around you - we all got worries and problems -, just say thank you, do a random act of kindness, help your mum or dad or aunt or grandma, and be nicer to yourself as well - buy yourself that cheesy Christmas sweater, you deserve it and eat that doughnut (hopefully I will get the Christmas donuts and write about them too)!
🍙 So I am back somehow... it seems that I always feel the need to blog in December. I am not sure how often or for how long I will post, but we shall see. Having a blog comes in handy when you wake up at 4 am. Glad to be back! Hope you are still reading.

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