Christmas Shopping

Continuing with the Christmas theme, I am proud to announce that I am done with my Christmas shopping. The plan was to be done and have everything shipped yesterday, but on Friday I bought the last gift and seeing how I have night shifts, it's pretty hard to ship everything on Saturday. So Monday is the shipping day!

This year I went a bit crazy shopping for my family. To be honest, I f**king missed them and I realized that in November. This year I didn't see them much, but it is hard to realize I miss someone until I finally see them again. So I am showing my love by showering them with gifts and I will buy plane tickets to visit them in February. The plan is to visit them more next year (plane tickets are f**king affordable!!) and do more things with them - especially with the kids; the kids in my family are amazing (even the teenagers).

That being said, I spent quite some time in malls this month and observed things... like companies not paying attention to who they hire - especially when your target is kids. Today I witnessed some chicks hired by Kinder mainly because they were attractive but they had no f**king clue how to act around kids. They did not even care about the kids or smile at them... WTF, Kinder?

But enough about this. It's time to get ready for my night shift and order a courier for tomorrow to ship my gifts!

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