Friday Reads || 23rd December

Friday Reads are a thing in the book-bloggers-world where people talk about what they plan to read this Friday (and for the rest of the weekend). I always thought it was fun and decided to do my own Friday Reads!

This is the Christmas weekend so I am kinda busy, but I will make time for reading. I am reading two Little Black Classics as a way to cheat and win the Goodreads challenge for 2016. Today I started It was snowing butterflies by Charles Darwin and I plan to finish it this weekend. It's basically some of Darwin's observations during a voyage. Also, I want to read A Hippo Banquet by Mary Kingsley. Another book with an explorer's writings. I am really working on my non-fiction reads this weekend.

On Saturday I have a morning shift and the lines are only open for three hours, afterwards I will be on my own until 2 pm, with no phone calls, so I will continue listening to Dune by Frank Herbert. I am truly enjoying it and so far I am able to understand everything (sometimes I zone out when I listen to audio books) and stay focused on the story without having to read (like actually read, not listen) the book.

We don't really have plans for Christmas Eve, so I might take a bubble bath and read, hopefully finishing the two Little Black Classics because on Christmas Day we are working out and then having KFC as our Christmas meal (we are getting inspired by the Japanese). We might meet with some friends in the evening, so not much time for reading, hence my small weekend pile.

Happy reading!

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