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In the Moment

A big part of my day was spent reflecting on the way I do things, think and prioritize. My friend K. told me to do more of what makes me happy, but the truth is I find it hard to decide what makes me happy and this way of doing things is not good for me because cleaning does not make me happy although having a clean and organized house does. So... it is easier said than done.

Over the past couple of months I talked a lot about living more in the moment and doing more of the things I want... I think this is a better way of putting it, as there are some things that make me more happy than others but I have things I want to do more than some of those happy things - do I even make sense? Or is want and happy the same?

Let's just say I am flexible and I can switch between those two? I mean, it makes me really happy to spend a Saturday reading in a bubble bath, but obviously I could not do that all the time. So for now I will simply concentrate on building habits, finding balance, bein…

On the Mind #4: All About the House

Long time no see. It appears I went to sleep thinking of On the Mind and I woke up way before my alarm - so here I am, typing (if it wasn't obvious already).

Now, it's been more than a month since my last post in this series and I accomplished all three things on the list: I did the small table decor in May, but sorting out the clothes and cleaning most of the room were done last week (tbh, cleaning the room and getting rid of boxes also happened in May). So it seems that I can do stuff, if I put my mind to it. Having a week as a deadline is what disturbs me so I will write these posts once in a while (hopefully no longer than a month apart). That being said, here's what's on my list!

PROJECT: The Closet Makeup

I donated a big part of my clothes, but I want to work more on this and be more mindful about it. Try to get over my feelings and keep only the clothes that I need (I am still allowed a maybe category for 6 months only). To break it down, here's what I have …

The One with the Mores

Yet again I find myself wishing for some kind of routine - that being said it is almost 1 am and I should be asleep, my alarm goes off at 6:26 am. It is not that I want to wake up and do the same things over and over, I just want to be more organized. Maybe routine is not the word I am looking for.

It feels like time is passing and I am not doing anything. That is not true, of course, but it feels like it and I want to stop that feeling. I want to do more, dream more, achieve more, learn more, maybe sleep more on the weekends, read more, save more, try more. I just want to be more... And at the same time I want to... simplify more (it is still a more, correct?) and make life easier.

It is a work in progress. Life is a work in progress. A healthy lifestyle is another work in progress. Sometimes I am just expecting these things to happen, you know? To get there and be like "yup, I am living that healthy lifestyle where I eat my greens and workout daily" and to have those thin…

Lately: New Albums, Old Procedurals

Well, I have about 10 minutes to write this thing because it's Saturday and I promised myself that I will clean the entire house - or at least a decent tidy up so I will have room to move around. I am not kidding. Life is a mess - on the house front, cooking and managing my time, but that's about it (if I ignore some other issues), what's important is safe and sound and that is what matter, right?

While I avoid organizing my closet and doing dishes, I want to share some of the things I enjoyed lately:

I must admit I was excited for Humanz, the fifth album from Gorillaz. Granted, when I first listened to some songs before the album was realized it took a while for them to grow on me (about a listen and a half or two), but the album was a whole different experience. I embraced it immediately and although it is different from what we knew Gorillaz sounded like, it is not bad - wow, it seems I embrace change quite easily these days.

The second album that took me by surprise wa…

Things I Want To Do in Bucharest

This weekend I am going on a trip to the capital with two awesome girls. We have an apartment in the Old Town (the centre of Bucharest) really near to the Cismigiu Gardens which I heard we have an amazing view of and I am super excited.

I am not the biggest fan of our capital - well, I would never want to have to live there, but a three day trip is always welcome because I have a list with things to do!

1. The National Museum of Contemporary Art
I've been here before and I like it - last time I went to Mircea Cantor's retrospective and I obviously loved it (it's the reason I went there!). Now I have no idea what exhibitions they have but I have to go.

2. Carturesti Carusel
It's the big Carturesti bookstore that is white and fancy and monumental and everyone talks about. Now I am not the biggest fan of Carturesti in general (because I prefer other kinds of bookstores), but I want to check it out.

3. Street Art Delivery
It seems that Street Art Delivery will be in town just…


Each day I wake up with a strong desire to jump out of bed. I wish this excitement for life will never go away, but I accept if I will have lazy days when the blanket will hold me tighter and the bed will be too comfy to get out (especially if he'll be next to me sharing the same laziness, but that's another story) or my mind will just decide that it will not allow me to live at my fullest. Because no doubt it will happen one day... I will not lie to myself or anything like that, those days are not in the past nor will they ever be. They are part of me now and I learnt how to deal with it sometimes.

Luckily these days I am the happy-go-lucky active me and I plan to take advantage of this Andreea. I am still on the I-have-so-much-time high that I talked about for the past couple of weeks (can I say something new, please?!). But it is time to take this energy and concentrate it in another direction - that of becoming a better me with a healthy lifestyle and lose some weight in …


Last time I was talking about that beautiful quote. Now I realized just how much time I have with the new job - even when I come home later because I stayed over at work, either to talk with my friends from my old position or to get the help of a coworker for something on my new position, I still get home around 6 pm and I am amazed that... there are still 4 hours until 10 pm (and I don't even go to bed at 10 pm!!) and I could do so many things...

It is nice, to finally be out of the not enough time for the things I love... I am learning and studying and working and yes, I cannot do everything in one day, but I am living more in the moment and I do what I feel like (and sometimes laundry, because you have to *getsupfromthelaptoptodolaundry*). Okay, laundry is doing itself and I am back to my blog post, mellow music and banana milk.

This Saturday is pretty pleasant so far (and it's only 10 am). Yesterday I went to my ophthalmologist to get new glasses (I lost my own). Going to…

A Better Me

I am trying to be a better me each day. For the past few weeks I worked a lot on many areas on my life, but now I am also working with a new motto:
One today is worth two tomorrows; what I am to be, I am now becoming. (Benjamin Franklin) Especially the first part of it - I am only now beginning to realize how important it is. For example, we got back from a wedding that was in a different city and we planned to do some cleaning tomorrow. But why wait? So I took half an hour and did some fast tidying up which will make the cleaning tomorrow easier.

It is a small thing but it matters. The thing is, now that I have a job with a normal schedule I can return to creating a routine and some habits that will help improve myself. It is a work in progress and I do believe that this is a thing I will have to work on quite a lot before I will declare myself content with my progress.

But I am willing to take the time. And most importantly I am learning from others and I let myself be motivated an…

Glass Half Full

Happiness or simply feeling content is an aspiration for most people, but far in my mind was something I believed I would never achieve. Yet for the past months... I've just been so happy, or mostly happy.  It is a weird situation and I talked about it before - it is completely new to me... and unexpected.

I still have grey days, naturally. And most often I experience moments when I feel like crap and low. Just recently I felt awful over something stupid. The main thing is, though, that now the glass is half full in spite of those moments when I feel down. Because of this I feel motivated and ready to grow even more and become a better person.

// Andreea

On the Mind #3

It has come to that point where I realize that the house is in such a state that it has to be the only thing on my mind. Plus, this week I start on my new position so I cannot put too much on myself.

Quickly talking about last week: I tried searching for the birth certificate with no luck, and did nothing else from the Miscellaneous section, however I donated almost all the clothes from the balcony (and it's time to sort the other clothes again) and we replaced the electrical things - all the light fixtures are working!

As for the tidying up... it is a work in progress. I started from the boxes with papers and stuff we had under the bookcase because I was also searching for the birth certificate - now those are organized really lovely in two smaller boxes (and cute) from Pepco - which makes the under-the-bookcase-area look more pleasant and also leaves access to the socket (I should remember to buy an...extension cord for it). So this week we are continuing the tidying up!


Pizza Wednesday

I got the news. I am starting on my new position next Tuesday. And I have days off until then. And I will have a normal work schedule afterwards, which should mean normal sleep schedule, eating schedule and... life, maybe?

I am looking forward to adapting to this new way of life and trying to make the best of it and find balance. I am craving balance in my day to day life, especially when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. But why wait until Tuesday, right? So I went to the gym today. Because all I have to do is start - it does not even have to be a good start!

So I am somewhat more determined this time. I want to go to the gym more often and do my best there. But the most challenging part is food. I am not even sure where to start and I know controlling myself is not easy at all... but I am not giving up.

I will go the moderation route, of course, because taking out unhealthy foods from my diet is never going to work. I like to eat junk food, I just need to focus on eating more of the…

On the Mind #2

Easter's On The Mind Conclusion: 

The family vacation was awesome and the important thing turned out quite well. That's all I have to say about this (plus I did a life update quite recently).

As for this week... I have two morning shifts left and then I am free all week. If the weather is pretty, we are going camping this weekend - but it snowed a few days ago and a bit yesterday (hello, it's April). To be honest, I miss Spring and I want warm days and I want to wear my Spring clothes and shoes. Out of topic: I wasn't the biggest fan of Pantone's color of the year but I think I am way too suggestible and I bought two greenery-sh items in the last week. That being said, here's my weekly to-do list!

PROJECT "Make the House Pretty!"

Where I live has a great influence on my well-being and mood. We plan to buy a place of our own in the next couple of years, but since the rent on this flat is cheap that means I will have to live here and save more money. So …


Hello. Lately I've been in a "chatty" mood on the blog so let's do a bit of a life update. April is almost over and so far it was one of my busiest months - I prepared for a new position at work and I studied quite a bit. In the end, it all paid off and I got the job. It is a change I've been craving for a while now because working three shifts is not something I want to do for a long time - and now, after one year with the company, I got a new position that has a normal schedule and other benefits (of course).

April is a lovely month - we celebrated our 8th anniversary and also went on an Easter vacation with my family and some family friends. We are closer than ever and life is just too damn pretty (I don't want to jinx it or whatever, but I am happy). As I said recently, not all the areas are pink and fluffy, but I am trying to be content with what I have and work on what I want.

After the madness of this month, the family vacation was just what I needed.…

Friday Reads || 21st April

I am behind on my reviews and I do apologize for that, but work and the Easter vacation were in the way - not using them as an excuse because I had enough time to read these books. But I am getting there and this weekend these are the only books I will open!!

The books I get the most for review are romance books because on my day to day life I do not usually go for romance. Hence why I am always glad to go for romance books, especially short stories or novellas from the Timeless Collections. That I way I am absolutely sure there is at least one story that I will enjoy - or most of the Regency novellas because that is my guilty pleasure.

Valentine's Day Collection features six short stories set around Valentine's Day. I already read five of them and I enjoyed four of them. I am around half the final story and it is not bad. I admit I did not have big expectations for this collection mainly because Valentine's Day is not something I care about.

As for A Season in London, I a…

Yellow Thursday

I am home. It is snowing here which is a bit depressing because I did not expect snow... For the Easter Holiday I went to the mountains with my family and we had great sunny weather while it was raining in the rest of the country. Then I returned home and found snow. It is depressing. And sad. The trees are covered in snow and there's probably going to be a problem for the fruit. Climate change much?

Today is his birthday. I find myself constantly surprised by him and his love and my love for him. I did not think I was capable of loving someone this much or that this love is constantly growing. Life. Especially life with him is... so good that I cannot find the words to describe it. We made a snowman today. The weather can easily affect me, especially when it ruins my plans. However, there he is... ready with a plan, with a snowman, a great dinner idea and the best salad for lunch; he makes the best salads.

The turbulent weather and atmosphere does not reflect my life which is wh…

On the Mind: Easter Vacation

I said last week that I will not put too much on my plate but I ended up doing so... I should know better next time I have night shifts. In any case, this week I am going home to my family and then we are going to a cabin, so there's not much time for challenges. But until I get to that, let's see last week's conclusions.

On the Mind #1 Conclusion:

Starting with the "Make the House Pretty!" Project - I am close to what I want. Most of the house is tidy, the kitchen is awesome and although the pantry is not truly organized, the things are not cluttering the space. Also, I did laundry, changed the bed-sheets, removed some boxes from the room and did some tidying up. But there's room for more, of course. Anyhow, the main task (that of tidying up) was accomplished! But all the other house chores are... not.

I did not do anything from the Miscellaneous part of the week. Nothing to say about that.

Same with the Reading Plans, but I did finish the book I had to read…

Otaku Sunday: Spring is Here (Kinda)

It has come to my realization that the reason I find it so hard to write Otaku Sunday monthly (if not weekly) is because I am always trying to have a subject. But we also have established last month that I feel better blogging subject-free and just letting my thoughts flow. So from now on I will attempt to write about anime and other Japanese obsessions more.

That being said, let's talk about what anime I watched today (Sundays are usually the days I watch the most anime hence how Otaku Sunday started years ago):

The Spring season is here but I will no longer make a to-watch list like I did with the last season because I am more than certain that I will not watch everything on the list. I will just go with the flow this season and the flow took me to Hinako Note. I am sad to say that the opening was more entertaining than the episode.

Some parts of it are cute and funny, but let's face it, the story and most scenes are really boring. I am not sure if I will continue because I…

Friday Reads || 7th April

I will be repetitive since I talked about my reading plans in the last post, but I just want to bring back the Friday Reads.

Surprise, surprise, my reading did not go according to plan because I had some spontaneous things happening like a job interview and the discovery of Big Little Lies (which I watched in one day - and two sittings).

So, here is the way too optimistic reading plan for this weekend:
Condemn Me Not: Accused of Witchcraft by Heather B. Moore - which I already started and plan to finish today (after I wake up because night shift...), but so far I like it and I got attached to the main character from the first pages.Any Shakespeare readings - okay, maybe I am not an overachiever this weekend. I just want to finish ONE PLAY!! The weekend is going to be spent relaxing - and going to a mini-mall opening on Saturday, but other than that my plans are really chill. I might even consider a bubble bath, however all the books I have to read are e-books. In case I change my mind…

On the Mind #1

This week I have night shift and then a three days off. Usually I tend to do nothing when I have night shifts and then hope to accomplish everything on my days off. But no more!

The main task I want to tackle this week is THE HOUSE! It is no secret that I do not enjoy living here and I do not take care of the house - but I will try to make the house prettier and tidy up everything around me, hoping that this would make me enjoy my days in this house more (but I will still pray for moving as soon as possible).

1. PROJECT "Make the House Pretty!"

To start this project, first I need to have a good base, so here's a list of small tasks that I hope to accomplish this week:
tidy up bathroom - organize things on top of the washing machine;change the bed sheets and do laundry;organize all the pantry stuff in the kitchen and put them away;tidy up the kitchen (and do the dishes);remove the boxes from the room;tidy up the room. Okay, now that there's room to walk around the hou…

Floating in the Void

I am going through a thing. I might be back on the Spring asthenia thing, but whatever it is, I know I do not enjoy it. At all. It does feel like my motivation is gone and I do not know what to do or how to convince myself to move.

I need to get out. I need to get over this phase and return to normalcy or something that feels less exhausting and consuming. So, of course, I am blogging; it makes me feel better to have someplace to just spoke my mind and to know I am not bothering any human with this. I think all this started last month.

March was a slow and rather uneventful month. I put my shop on vacation because I do not have time (or motivation or mood or creativity or courage), I did not read as much (and I am behind on reviews and have a pile of books I want to read), I did not go to the gym as much... I don't really know what I did - although I did do some things, they just don't seem to matter; at least we fixed the bathroom drain and I can know enjoy showers whenever …

Up in the Air by Ann Marie Meyers // Review

Disclaimer: The e-book version of this book was sent to me in exchange for an honest review.

I have to admit that in the beginning I wasn't too into it. The tone of the book is way too mature for a children's book and it put me off for a moment, but afterwards the story finds its voice.

Not necessarily my type of children's book - neither now as an adult, nor when I was a kid, but there is enough to keep one entertained. Knowing myself, as a kid I wouldn't have been satisfied and would have loved to learn more about the magical land of Chimeroan where dreams come true and kids learn to fly or become dragons.

I did want more of the characters - for a children's book (especially middle age), story is important, but so are characters and getting a good idea about other persons, not just the lead. For such a complex story I was have expected more on the character development side.

But in the end, the themes in Up in the Air are important and they are presented in a si…

Good Morning, Really

It's my day off! Granted, I am not pleased with my March work schedule - I work three days, one day off, five days (night shifts!!), JUST one day off, two work days again and the month is over -, but anyway, I will go ahead and enjoy my day off!

So here I am, typing away on my new laptop ♥ as a way of procrastinating... because although it is my day off, there are so many things to do! My shop is on a break because life is a bit too overwhelming at the moment and I was only getting depressed by not working on my shop. Since the shop is no longer my main source of funds, I put it on break while I get everything else sorted.

These couple of days I plan to clean the house and organize it a little bit. Also, I and my partner decided that we will make a conscious effort to keep the house tidy for as many months we are going to be still leaving here (I cannot wait to move, but we gotta save some dinero for that first). Yet life is still busy. I am doing some online courses that I really…

In the Mood for the Universe

I want to read more non-fiction, and not just memoirs (I got that set), but more science non-fiction like physics. Today I am in the mood for some Universe knowledge and while I spend my time reading about gravitational waves I realize that I am missing some notions and it is harder to understand some things. So I need to brush my physics.

See, this new thing I am doing with doing what I want to do when I have some free time (I am at work right now) is making me enjoy life more. Before I would have made a mental note (or on my phone) to make time (even if I had the time) for reading on gravitational waves and watch TED videos about space, but right now I am just doing it.

Okay, it's time to stop reading about physics and the Universe and do some work - while listening to Hamilton because for the past two weeks I caught the Hamilton bug (again), or maybe I will watch SNL videos from when Lin-Manuel Miranda hosted the show.

Busy Bee

Today I read a few more things that are altering some of my ideas - see what happens if you subscribe to everything and then you do not have what to do at work?

One of them is how... in order to be happy or content or something like that you have to learn not to care. And I do not mean to be a heartless person, but just to feel less guilty and do more of what you like. To see if something is worth caring or thinking too much about just ask the question "how is this going to affect me or matter in 5 years from now?" - and that way you discover what's truly important, so clearly me not doing laundry today is not going to affect me in 5 years.

And the other one is... to not be busy. I make huge to do lists and try to keep myself busy and do everything in one day (if possible) just so I would feel like I did something today. But no more! I will continue to plan things (that's who I am), but not be like "today I must REALLY do laundry or clean the stove". Sure, …

On Little Joys and TV

The main objective (although not consciously set) of my blog when I was a teen was to record everything from silly ides to time passing to any art piece in any form that I got in contact with and that touched me in some way.

So, here I am, blogging at work. Never thought this would happen. But I just read an article on Brain Pickings - Hermann Hesse on Little Joys, Breaking the Trance of Busyness, and the Most Important Habit for Living with Presence and it did made me see clearer this idea of constant seeking to be entertained and forgetting to stop and enjoy the little things and that there is a difference between things that bring joy and things that just entertain.

I am a big consumer of media and last year I was spending a lot of my time watching every show and every new episode every single day. But then I stopped and now I am paying more attention to not only what I watch but how I watch... I did not give up any shows and while I am behind on a lot of them, I plan on catching u…

Back to Never Knows Best

I feel like blogging and I have a few blog post I could work on (February Wrap Up, March TBR, Weeks in Review, Fitness Chronicles and so on), but the truth it I don't want to work on either of those. I want to just... Here's what I will do. This month I will blog like I did in high school when my posts did not have a subject or anything and they were basically brain dumps!

I got some flowers at work for International Women's Day - I am pretty sure yellow flowers are my favourite (and obviously daffodils are my all-time favourite).

 Speaking of work, I am having a lot of fun working on a service with a Polish guy (it's really hard to talk about work without really talking about work because it's confidential), and usually when there is need for more investigation on a case, the exchange of words is really on point, technical and lacking humanity. But not this guy - which makes it more interesting, our conversations are "Dear, technical dump, Have a great day, …

Friday Reads || 3rd February

It's time for my first Friday Reads... posted at 6 am on a Saturday morning. Maybe I could distract your attention by pointing what a good picture my phone took in super low light - the only source of light was the light from my LCD monitor -, pretty neat, am I right?

Okay, now let's talk books - this week was a bit on the super-busy-put-too-much-on-my-plate side, so reading took a second place as I preferred to relax with Grey's Anatomy after my long days (and some audio-books in the last two days of February).

However I could not miss a Friday Reads (although I did) so this weekend I am reading The Reptile Room by Lemony Snicket, the 2nd book in A Series of Unfortunate Events.

I am having a stay at home weekend (and a night shift on Sunday), so I will read all of this month's weekend readings for the Shakespeare project and then browse some magazines like World of Animals and National Geographic. Happy reading!

Read Shakespeare in a Year: February

I was pretty sure I will not finish the plays for this month - and I am still behind on Richard III, but continues in February - so hopefully I will catch up in the first weekend of March. The reading plan for this challenge is that on Saturdays I have some parts to read from Venus and Adonis and on Sundays only three sonnets - and I usually read the parts and sonnets for the entire month in one sitting. Which is great, cause it leaves the weekends open to catch up on the play. Just like I did this weekend!

Henry VI, Part 2 ★★★☆☆

The second part of Henry VI was really good! Completely different from the first one (and third one). Unlike its predecessor, this tones down the silliness and instead it deals with the more political aspect of the play.

Henry gets married to Margaret - for no particular reason, but, hey, in the play she is more strong-willed than he is (well, in the third part). Now that I read all parts, it is quite hard to talk about them individually. But even in this play…

Friday Reads || 24th February

I don't have a lot of plans for this weekend so far. And I am also in not such a good mood for anything in particular - maybe I will post about this period, but right now it's all about books.

I will try to catch up on my Shakespeare plays and listen to Missing Pieces by Heather Gudenkauf - at first I almost stopped this audio-book, it was not interesting at all but now it may have caught my eye or ear or attention. So I will listen to a few more chapters and see if this is a book for me or not.

Other than that, I hope to start The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood and read quite a bit from it. I am ready for some dystopian literature and this book was on my to-read list for way too long - also, the cover is amazing and it comes with a plastic thing that you place over the cover and THINGS MOVE! Ah, fun science, right?

This is probably the first Friday Reads that I am actually not prepared for. I apologize for that and I wish you happy reading!

Book Haul || Okian #1

I got more books, mostly for my February TBR. Unlike last time, these were ordered from Okian, an online book shop with a lot of affordable books in English. They take their time to reply to you, but it's all worth it when the books arrive on a crappy day and at least make you a little bit happy. And here's what I got:

The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury, one of the books on this month's TBR - that I will hopefully read until the end of the month. I love the cover and I cannot wait to read it - especially now with the discovery of  the seven Earth-like exoplanets. How fitting to read about life on Mars or life on one of those planets. Plus I love Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451.

The Reptile Room by Lemony Snicket, the second volume in A Series of Unfortunate Events. Remember when I said I will add all the series to my collection? Instead of buying them all at once, I will get them in order and make sure I read it before adding them to my bookcase! I am somewhat excited abou…

Week in Review || 9 - 18 February

I know this month I stopped talking about media that I enjoyed during the week, but I mostly watched the films from Academy Awards (and I will probably make a blog just about that) and The Blacklist, so not much to talk about.

Last week I enjoyed one of the Valentine's Day doughnuts from Donuterie. They had three special doughnuts, but this one was my favourite (although I only tried two of the three).

The weekend was spent at Napoca Dog Show where I met a lot of lovely dog owners - and even lovelier dogs, of course. I played with a lot of them and took so many pictures. I also saw a lot of different breeds and made me want to have a dog of each, although we all know that I will probably adopt a dog because so many dogs are abandoned. The exhibition also had some food stands outside so I enjoyed a delicious cappuccino and cotton candy!

On Tuesday we had a charity event at work, raising money for kids with cancer, we bought and wore bandanas and took lots of selfies. Gotta admit th…

Friday Reads || 17th February

It seems that this month, reading is taking a step down priority wise because I am trying to watch as many films nominated for Academy Awards as I can (as I do every year, anyway). Well, at least I have some time at work for reading! So here's what's on my list this weekend:

This Friday is my day off, but I have plans to tidy up around and watch at least three films for Academy Awards (if you care to know, Moonlight is my favourite in this Awards race so far). So not a lot of reading happening today - maybe I will listen to an audio-book while I clean the house.

Same as last weekend, I will have morning shifts both Saturday and Sunday so lots of audio-books to listen to! I plan to finish I Know Why the Caged Bird Singsby Maya Angelou - which I love so far, the writing is extraordinary and the story is heart-breaking (at least the part I'm at right now). After I finish it, I will most probably start Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult (I know the title says End of Watch in t…

Week in Review || 1 - 8 February

This might be the millionth time I say this... but, alas, will say it one more time: I am and will only blog when I feel like it. Hence why I am so late with my weeks in review - and they are not really weekly, are they? So this "week" here's what I got up to in my few days off from work.
Before traveling to see my family I got a gel manicure - a coworker does nails and she got really really good at it! I went for a simple, pink and white to impress my family. And then I flew home - my first flight during the day and look at those beautiful mountains!

I spent a lot of time with my family. We had a lot of fun, especially with my cousins - the reason I went home, actually. My two teenager cousins have their birthdays around this time and my little cousins have a week holiday between terms - therefore, perfect time to go home and spend some quality time with them because they are growing SO FAST!

I also met with my best friend, Alecs, for coffee and then I convinced her to …