Book Haul || Libris #1

I admit that I started this year saying that I might go on a book buying ban and only buy after I read some of the books I own. But sometimes I just want to read something else and I decided to purchase some of the book from my January TBR pile since I am out of my 2016 reading slump and I am reading a normal amount (still not as much as I would like). Plus, buying books always motivates me to read more, right?

I purchased all the books from Libris - the online bookshop with free shipping in my country. I used to buy a lot from them, but stopped recently because Okian (another online bookshop in my country) has a great selection of books in English. Yet, there are some things I prefer to read translated in Romanian - especially if they were not originally in English.

The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas are on my TBR this month, but the plan is to finish it in March because it's a big classic - heck, it comes in two volumes! -, and I want to read a lot of other things also. If it's a big book (and a classic), I might not enjoy it as much if that's the only thing I read and I do not have a book on the side as my "book-break" from the massive classic. Which is why I am not pushing myself to finish The Three Musketeers in January. But since my timeline for the book is... a long one, then getting them from the library was not on option (you can keep a book for two weeks normally, and then get another two weeks extension), so, you see, I had to buy them!

I also got another book from my TBR and this is book that I wanted to get for quite a while. Every single time I went to a bookstore I picked up the exact same edition as in the picture, yet never actually purchased it. Alas, I did it: I got One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I tried reading it in e-book form last year, but I couldn't. It's just one of those books you need to read "the natural way".

And because there were sales on the website, I also got I am Charlotte Simmons by Tom Wolfe because it was 70% off. It has a lot of bad review on Goodreads. which for some reason, makes me even more excited to read it. I know it's about teens (or young adults) in college. Not sure if I will get to it this month and it feels more like a summer read/ pool read so I might keep it for a vacation.

It is not a huge haul, although all books are quite big. Let's hope all of these will be read, if not this month, at least in 2017!

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