Friday Reads || 20th January

Well, well, well... This is my first Friday Reads that features a book that's not on this month's TBR!! To be honest, my TBR is so diverse and huge that it's hard to get bored and look for books to read outside of it - and, yes, I know I will not read all that's on my TBR, but I will try (and I made my February TBR, it's just as long, if not longer).

However!!! I JUST GOT END OF WATCH AND OF COURSE I HAVE TO READ IT LISTEN TO IT! If you remember my "2016 - Year in Books" post, then you know that Mr. Mercedes was 2nd in my Top 5 books read in 2016. End of Watch is the third and final book of the Bill Hodges Trilogy, and while the ending of Finders Keepers dimmed my enthusiasm for the series, once I got the audio book I got super excited once again. And so far [SPOILER] there is no supernatural mambo-jumbo, just a bit of Telekinesis which is basically some kind of mambo-jumbo, but it's too soon to judge [END OF SPOILER].

Anyway, I have a three days weekend and today I will listen to a huge chunk of End of Watch (it's a big book and I am so happy for that), because I have some errands to run and house chores to do and audio books are great for this! I listened to the first two books, which is why I went for the audio book with this one as well, but when I will live in a bigger place I plan to buy - if not the entire series, then at least Mr. Mercedes. But who am I kidding? I will definitely get the entire series.

Also, this weekend I hope to FINALLY finish The Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro. I have a bit less than half left and I really enjoy the writing style. The story is not full of action or much of a plot, it's mainly memories and it is interesting, but not something that hooks you up - but the writing style does that and I even talked about this with a coworker who really likes Ishiguro's style. There are books when the story catches you and you read them no matter how bad the writing is (like The Lunar Chronicles) and books where there isn't much of a story, yet the writing is so beautiful that you cannot stop reading. And Isiguro is not really poetic, it's quite plain and simple, yet there is something that attracts me.

Last but not least, I will try to finish Henry VI, Part 1 by William Shakespeare, although according to the reading plan, the deadline is on Tuesday. I honestly expected this play to be harder for me to grasp because history and so on, but it is not and I am surprised by how intrigued I am by all the narratives. Reading Shakespeare in a year has to be the best 2017 resolution ever!

Well, this is a lot of reading for one weekend, but I don't really have plans and, to be honest, I am looking forward to just sit and relax inside all day long...

Hope you are having a great reading weekend!

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