Friday Reads || 27th January

Sometimes I worry that all the posts I do are Friday Reads and Weeks in Review, but to be honest, I started this blog because I wanted to do Friday Reads and the one and only rule of the blog is to not worry over the posts and only write when I feel like it!

But, alas, enough introduction, here are my weekend reading plans. It seems that this weekend is taking a bit of a feminist trend, as the main reads are Emma Donoghue's Kissing the Witch and Virginia Woolf's A Room of One's Own.

This week I finally finished The Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro (somewhat of a review here) which means I get to start other physical books; I am not really trying to only read one book at a time, but it's easier when it comes to deciding which book to take with me in my bag.

And the next book I was really looking forward to read this month is A Room of One's Own by Virginia Woolf. It's a short read around 100 pages and I am already a chapter in (I started it yesterday at work). I plan to read more of it at work today and hopefully finish it.

If I do, then I will finally start The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas, the first volume, that is - which I most probably will finish in February. As you might now already, I am rereading this novel and the plan is to finish both volumes by the end of March.

This is the last weekend of the month and I am way behind my TBR. I knew I was not going to read everything, but there are no urgent plans this weekend so I will focus on getting through the ebooks I started: The Archived by Victoria Schwab, which is interesting, but not enough to keep me reading for too long, and Kissing the Witch by Emma Donoghue- retellings of fairy-tales, that I already read half of.

Quite a few reads for just three days - one being spent at work mostly, but my optimism has no limit! Plus, the wrap-up is just around the corner and I also have a book to read for review. No time to waste!

Happy reading!

Edit later: Abort all plans, look what came in the mail! I will take this to work with me today as well. Since I finished the Netflix series, I decided to reread the books and add them to my collection this time (I read them from the library when I was a little girl).

I guess this post is also a short book haul now! Have a great weekend!

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