Future List #1

I am daydreaming a lot. And sometimes I come up with ideas I want to do one day, but can't right now because it's either the wrong season, no money, no opportunity, no time and so on. Anyway, here are some things I want to do in the future or goals that I am already working on:

1. Horseback Riding Lessons
I am scared of horses. What a great start, right? It's good to try to get over your fears, plus I always wanted that horseback riding to be one of my skills. I found the place where to do it, I have a car to get there, I just need a bit of courage for that first lesson!

2. Get a Bike
Not any bike, but a red bike and I want to name it Hector. I want it to have a small wooden basket in front and I want to use it for errands. We are going to ignore the fact that my city is built on hills. Also, teach my boyfriend to ride a bike so he could buy a bike of his own and then we could ride together! I am so selfish.

3. Lose Weight
Well, this is probably on most people's lists, but at the end of last year I managed to shed some weight and I hope to continue it this year. I don't want to be skinny, I just want to feel good in my own body, fit better in some clothes, while still having some fluff here and there.

4. Move in a New Apartment
Either rent a bigger place or buy my own. Plus, I want to do those cliche things like picnic on the floor when you have no tables or chairs and you eat straight from the Chinese boxes. And I need a house with two rooms, a kitchen with more storage space, a bigger fridge and more windows!

5. Friendship Stuff 
I need to learn how to be a better friend and also let go of people that do not appreciate or care for my friendship. Sometimes I feel like I put too much energy into keeping some friendship instead of appreciating the friendships that I have and the humans that clearly care for me. I am slowly getting there, I hope.

It feels to good to write down some of the things I want to do, even if they do not have a deadline or they are not for this year necessarily... It clears my head in a way and allows me to think more about them and maybe even map out a rough plan with ways to accomplish them.

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