Week in Review || 1 - 7 January

I remember that some of my favourite posts to do were the Week in Review/ Week in Pictures. But it's cold and I do not carry my big camera with me. Also, most of the pictures I take end up on Instagram (sorry for the spam, insta-followers), so I decided to just pick some Instagrams in order to bring those Week in Review posts back!

NY Party | Frozen Yogurt | Almost Sunset
Frozen Kingdom | Breakfast on my Own | Batushka Concert
The New Year caught me in a lovely party with my co-workers, playing Cards Against Humanity and chatting and listening to funny music. I wore my sparkly kitty years and drank a lot of champagne!

Speaking of champagne, I am kinda doing Dry January this month, but not really. I am not abstaining from alcohol all month, I am just trying to drink responsibly and, basically, drink what I want and when I want. Last night, at the concert (see below) I drank a rose lemonade instead of beer - and when we went to a friend's house I had a few sips of beer mostly because I was too thirsty to think. But now that I am older and I know exactly what I like to drink, there is no need to drink just because everyone around me is doing it.

I had my first frozen yogurt ever! I went crazy and added gummy bears to it - it's fun to search for them in the sea of frozen yogurt, however if you do not eat them fast enough they freeze and are no longer enjoyable.

It's bloody cold here!! Once I step outside my face freezes instantly and it's so so cold! On the bright side, the snow and the trees are really pretty, when the fog sets in it completely transforms the city and wraps it in a spooky, yet enchanting atmosphere. And when it snows with huge flakes (and hopefully I am inside), everything is so magical and pretty.

We went to the other location of the running sushi and although they do not have funky sushi rolls, their basics are delicious. The place is smaller and since there are less people, all the chefs' attention is on you which makes it really nice.

Although I started this since the last few days of 2016, I am back to going out to nice cosy places on my own. It is nice to enjoy a good cup of coffe and a book, or maybe write or plan or even draw. I plan to do more of this in 2017.

Last night we went to a concert (Batushka and Arkona)! I never listened to any of the bands, but since last year I had a blast listening to Solstafir for the first time at Artmania festival (the band my hubby was more excited to see and that I never heard of), I decided to join my boyfriend to more concerts - he knows me well enough to stop me from purchasing a ticket to a concert I won't enjoy. Arkona was quite boring, but Batushka were really good and a lot of fun. I even ended up getting their album and a T-shirt!

Before the concert I had a small anxiety attack because last time I went in that place I basically had a panic attack - the place was crowded and full of smoke. It helped a lot that smoking is no longer allowed inside - the place seemed much bigger than last time (I know it wasn't). The good part is that I was able to control my anxiety - there's a big chance that in the past I might have stayed home even if I had tickets.

On the other side of things that happened in the first week of January...

I did not read as much as I wanted to! The truth is that we had a lot of work to do at my day-job, and I had a lot of errands to do (I lost my bus pass, so I had to make a new one) and I went to the gym three times this week (the "resolution" is to go at least once!), and once I went on my own so I listened to my audio book (currently listening to Dune).

However, I am on track with my Shakespeare readings (another resolution of 2017 - maybe I should make a blog post about them) and I finished The Two Gentlemen of Verona - which I really liked and had a lot of fun reading it (review on Goodreads).

I know I complain about "not having time" to read, but I was clearly able to make time for TV:

On the first day of the year I finished the first season of Travelers, a Canadian sci-fi show, where people from the future go back to the 21st century in the bodies of people who just died in order to manipulate some events that might change the future. I love how the show doesn't serve you everything on a platter and it takes you a while to understand what exactly is going on (and some parts are still left out). Also, it's easy to care for the characters while you witness their fight with who they are supposed to be in our present and their mission and who they were/are in their present/future. Great concept, great acting and a show that is not predictable - which is hard to come by these days.

Netflix Romania got the last season from Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries (and Luther, but I have yet to watch that one), so I abandoned everything in order to watch it! What's not to love? You have crimes, mysteries, a confident woman who doesn't care about the social norms of that time and the fashion of the 20s! I really enjoy murder series a la Agatha Christie, especially set in a different time, so if you have any recommendation please do say! I already watched and loved The Bletchley Circle and while I prefer my detectives to be female, I am open to male detectives as well - although they have it easier in any period so it makes the show less interesting!

Last, but not least, I recently watched The Fundamentals of Caring (2016), a great film produced by Netflix, which made me realize that I do not have comedies - I just don't like that silly popular comedy that is not remotely funny, but plain stupid (I know, I am such a meanie!!) -, because this film is a comedy, but is able to also have full-fledged characters and a plot. It's about two guys - a young man suffering of Duchenne muscular dystrophy and his care-giver, who are going on a road trip. On the way they meet other characters, that joins the two on their journey and they share some nice adventures and events. While the film is predictable and nothing that might surprise you, it still offers great dialogue (the chemistry between the two main characters is perfect) and manages to keep me entertained and it makes me care about the story.

Now isn't this another huge blog post? I am not able to stop blabbering or keep my thoughts short and on the subject. Anyway, I hope you had a great week!

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