Week in Review || 22 - 31 January

We started the month with a week full of events and TV, then just events, then just TV and now we are back to... well, just life because the "media" part will be discussed in separate posts (hopefully).

Provence lemonade | Theatre Post | Book Haul
Lime Cheesecake | Theatre Look | Matcha Latte
So... last week's Monday started with a shopping session with some coworkers. We had the time of our lives and I laughed continuously. Everything was so nice, carefree and fun - we even got the same top and wore it to work the next day! Afterwards, I finally managed to go to hubby's monthly work dinner. I had my favourite lemonade from that place and tried their delicious cheesecake - which I guess it's now my favourite.

The next day I went to the theatre with a fried to see A Clockwork Orange, and I managed to doze off a bit - which says a lot about the show, but the truth is I was awake since 4 am and I was super tired. Nevertheless, I looked and felt awesome - I was dressed fancy and with hiking boots because I have yet to buy some nice fancy winter boots - will do that next spring.

Then the week was chill - mainly because I change my shifts at work to afternoon so a coworker could go to her exams, and the afternoon shifts are taking up all my day and then I do not feel like doing anything. But I am back to morning shifts and glad that I managed to make almost all my February schedule into morning shifts!

This Monday I finally went with Bianca to drink a matcha latte at a tea-house! We had carrot cake afterwards. We should make this a monthly affair.

Now... I will not talk about TV, because I want to make a post about a book and the film adaptation (The Remains of the Day), and for TV series, I only finished the second season of Narcos (and loved it, but OMG!) and I already talked about it last week.

So this is for now! I am excited for February, I am getting my nails done tomorrow and then I will fly to hometown and spend time with family, then I'm going to a concert and the rest of the month will probably be spent at the gym!

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