The Blue Nightgown by Diana Stevan // Review

Disclaimer: The e-book version of this book was sent to me in exchange for an honest review.

It follows the story of a nightgown in the 1950s, when sex is not really a thing one casually talks about. However, this nightgown manages to wake up sexual feelings, thoughts or desires to anyone who comes in contact with it.

The setting is perfect for a coming-of-age and let's break the taboo story, and while I am all for that, I did enjoy how the story kept the honesty of the characters and did not push them in directions too far from their normal ways.

The writing style is simple, but manages to bring you into the world. It easily embraces the vulgar with the conservative and can jump from one scene to the other without making a rupture in the story's flow.

And the cover is probably my favourite part. The cover made me think of a different story so I was quite surprised in the end. That being said, I did want something else - maybe liberation? a climax or something of sorts? And while I appreciate its honesty and stand, the lack of surprise did affect my enjoyment.

Alas, for a novelette, it does it's job and it makes me want to try more from the author.

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