Week in Review || 1 - 8 February

This might be the millionth time I say this... but, alas, will say it one more time: I am and will only blog when I feel like it. Hence why I am so late with my weeks in review - and they are not really weekly, are they? So this "week" here's what I got up to in my few days off from work.
Manicure | Flight View | Cinema Group Selfie
Cousins Selfie | Delicious Cakes
Before traveling to see my family I got a gel manicure - a coworker does nails and she got really really good at it! I went for a simple, pink and white to impress my family. And then I flew home - my first flight during the day and look at those beautiful mountains!

I spent a lot of time with my family. We had a lot of fun, especially with my cousins - the reason I went home, actually. My two teenager cousins have their birthdays around this time and my little cousins have a week holiday between terms - therefore, perfect time to go home and spend some quality time with them because they are growing SO FAST!

I also met with my best friend, Alecs, for coffee and then I convinced her to come to cinema with me and my cousins to see Surf's Up 2: WaveMania - where I feel asleep, then read a bit, then I started enjoying the film. I went to the piano lesson of my little cousin, Gabi, and she is phenomenal! Afterwards we celebrated with some eclairs - I need to find eclairs with cream (NOT WHIPPED CREAM) in Cluj as well - and carrot cakes from Adresa Dulce a lui Lexi (in translation: Lexi's Sweet Address) - if you happen to be in Calarasi, I dearly recommend it, it's the first time I tried their cakes and they are amazing!
Baby Bunny | Frozen Danube | Reading in the Bathtub
Gloomy Weather | My Monster and his Cat Collection
We had a sleepover in the countryside and I was woken up with baby bunnies! Afterwards, we went on a short trip to see the Danube and it is completely frozen - it's the first time I see it like this! You can spot Bulgaria on the other side. The weekend was sunny and nice, but then the gloomy weather returned to the city and I spent most of the time inside, doing math with my cousin, watching the news, reading (in the bathtub, as well), and spending time with my cat.

It was a nice short vacation with my family. But now I am back home, with a few more kilos than when I left (my mum's cooking is amazing, ok?), but full of energy and ready for Spring!

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