Back to Never Knows Best

I feel like blogging and I have a few blog post I could work on (February Wrap Up, March TBR, Weeks in Review, Fitness Chronicles and so on), but the truth it I don't want to work on either of those. I want to just... Here's what I will do. This month I will blog like I did in high school when my posts did not have a subject or anything and they were basically brain dumps!

I got some flowers at work for International Women's Day - I am pretty sure yellow flowers are my favourite (and obviously daffodils are my all-time favourite).

 Speaking of work, I am having a lot of fun working on a service with a Polish guy (it's really hard to talk about work without really talking about work because it's confidential), and usually when there is need for more investigation on a case, the exchange of words is really on point, technical and lacking humanity. But not this guy - which makes it more interesting, our conversations are "Dear, technical dump, Have a great day, insert cute emoticon" and that is a little piece of human connection between the thousands of cold conversations with the other guys.

It does feel good to talk about work on a blog (that probably no one reads). This weekend is someone's birthday at work, but I am not going. I made plans previously with my hubby and some friends: we are going to some sort of yard-sale-fair and then we will play video games - I cannot wait to play Overcooked!! This weekend, I'd much rather go for a chill afternoon with friends rather than party with my coworkers and I am getting so much better at doing what I want and feel like instead of what's expected without feeling guilty - so yeey for that!

Another thing this 25 y/o has over the teenager self is that I finally learnt to say "No!" without feeling guilty or having this need to explain myself. If someone wants something from me but for some whatever reason I can't do it or don't want to, I simply say "No", although I should go with Phoebe's "I wish I could but I don't want to" and I actually feel good for respecting my wish. I am not saying that I only say "No". If someone really needs help and it is important and I can help, then I gladly do it - but before I was saying "Yes" to everything just to please people and make them like me or what not.

Now I am finally watching Limitless (2011) - I first watched the TV show, but I had no idea there was a film. I think I should act like I am continuously on NZT. I need to pretend I have energy for some things I do not really want to do - like tidying up the house. But my goal after this last night shift is to get my house shit together and tidy up the place and make it pretty!

Well, this brain dump felt good. I should do it more!

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