On the Mind #1

This week I have night shift and then a three days off. Usually I tend to do nothing when I have night shifts and then hope to accomplish everything on my days off. But no more!

The main task I want to tackle this week is THE HOUSE! It is no secret that I do not enjoy living here and I do not take care of the house - but I will try to make the house prettier and tidy up everything around me, hoping that this would make me enjoy my days in this house more (but I will still pray for moving as soon as possible).

1. PROJECT "Make the House Pretty!"

To start this project, first I need to have a good base, so here's a list of small tasks that I hope to accomplish this week:
  • tidy up bathroom - organize things on top of the washing machine;
  • change the bed sheets and do laundry;
  • organize all the pantry stuff in the kitchen and put them away;
  • tidy up the kitchen (and do the dishes);
  • remove the boxes from the room;
  • tidy up the room.
Okay, now that there's room to walk around the house and it does not look like a hurricane hit us anymore, then here are some areas I want to work on this week:
  • sort through my shoes and put the winter shoes away;
  • organize the small table in the room (a shopping trip to Pepco might be necessary);
  • start organizing the bookshelves - I will not finish this task this week, but starting is important;
  • donate from the clothes on the balcony every day - I could just take a bag with me every day on my way to work.

2. MISCELLANEOUS Things I Have to Get to

This week my main focus is the house, but there are still some things I hope to get to.

One of them is to meet with the landlady and pay the rent, also give her all the bills and letters and stuff. Speaking of bills, I should also pay the rest of the bills and make a budget - if I have the time, I will try to make a budget for April-May as well.

Then to work on my motivation and general mood, I will make a list with things I want to do, dreams, what I am looking forward and so on (this has something to do with this post). I hope this will make me be more positive about the future and enjoy the present more. I will also work on a list with projects for the following months.

And one last miscellaneous thing is to create and follow a meal plan!


My reading plans this week involve one book received for a review (that I am behind on) and write a review. Afterwards, I will start on my next two books for review - but they are scheduled for next week, so there is no hurry on them -, and I will catch up on Shakespeare!

I need to write down the reading plan for this month on Shakespeare - but I am so behind on the March plays, that I will need to read those as well. The first week of April (well, from 5th - 13th) is all about Romeo & Juliet, but that's the one play that I already read so I have 10 days to catch up on the plays from March. This week my goal is to read two plays: finish Richard III and Edward III. If there's time, I will also start Comedy of Errors.

I think this is everything. To be honest, I do not want to add to much on my plate. Hopefully this blog post will keep me motivated. Now I have to sign off because there is laundry to do!

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