On War and Charity

On Friday I went to see Wonder Woman with some of my co-workers and I loved it (of course), but during it I spent a great deal of time thinking about war... The movie talks about the god of war and it takes place during the World War I.. but it's that one scene with no man's land and the suffering that made me think about war today and how although I am living here, in a country with a corrupted political system and all that, I am still doing just peachy, living my life day by day with nothing from the exterior affecting it drastically...

But there is war in the world and there is pain and suffering and there is not much that I could do. I remember once telling a friend that I like charities and donating but it feels like a selfish thing to do, and then she told me that it's not selfish, it's what I can do and I am doing it. Sure, it makes me feel better because I am doing "something", although not much, but I am doing what I can to help. I do still feel a bit guilty for living my comfortable life and comforting myself with doing something good by donating.

There is war, there is pain, there are children dying and people leaving their homes in search of safety and a little bit of humanity. And I am still here, still thinking that charity is a bit selfish but trying to change my mind and listen more to my friend, meanwhile still continuing to support UNHCR (The UN Refugee Agency), one of my favourite charities (not just because Neil Gaiman supports it too) and I will wish more people will do so. Give a little of your comfort to someone in need.

Selfish or not, I do wish people would donate more. Not only to UNHCR, but to any cause they believe in, it can be Save the Children, Red Cross, World Wildlife Fund or any other. You can help someone and then feel better about yourself too.

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