Present Day Goals

I found this quote and it made me think... before getting the promotion, I was tired. I did not do anything and felt like there was no time for anything. It only felt that way... in fact, I am still working 8 hours a day, I am working more, but the work is also more interesting, challenging and at the end of the day I am not drained. Well, truth be told, although some things annoy me at work, I do not have humans I do not know shouting at me or making me doubt humanity...

Speaking of goals now... it appears that bad events can give us a positive push to work harder on what we want. I am working harder than ever on something that I wanted ever since... forever maybe? When I moved here? When I was 23?

It's not something easily achievable and it does require sacrifice, but I do believe that the good parts are going to outweigh the hard parts. I just need patience... and to worry less, of course. But hopefully this week we will make the big step towards a brighter future. And fortunately there are people here for me, for us, to help us and support us and just be there for my silly ideas and arguments in the middle of the night.

So thank you, you dear wonderful humans who help me and thank you, mum, for simply saying that you would do such a sacrifice for me - although I will not let you, because you have already sacrificed enough to get me where I am today.

// Andreea

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