Such a Good Girl by Amanda K. Morgan // Review

Disclaimer: This book was sent to me in exchange for an honest review. 

Well, in June, when I just started the book I read only the first chapter, then I found out the place I am renting is getting sold and my life got complicated. Alas, yesterday I finally made time for this book and I read it in two days.

Welcome to the unreliable narrator trend, although it could have been done better and have me suspect it less. Anyhow, the book is hard to put down once you get into the story and even if I did not trust the narrator completely, I was able to ignore that something-could-have-been-way-better-here and simply be entertained by the story.

The synopsis is already giving enough about the story so I will not go and talk about it, but it does have a little bit of Pretty Little Liars strangeness and creepiness which adds points to the book. It is an easy read with a strong main character and there are a lot of twists I did not expect. It is a book that can easily change the tone without ruining the experience.

Towards the end, when the short chapter intros begin to reveal more it gets even more interesting - the chapter intros were my favourite things. And I did enjoy the ending plot twist quite a lot. It wasn't too WOWZA, but it was really nice.

Such a Good Girl does not have the best beginning, but once it hooks you, you cannot stop reading. Looking forward to trying more from Amanda K. Morgan, especially if her other books are just as Pretty Little Liars as this one. 
// Amanda

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