You Don't Need a Reason to Help People

I find myself returning to my thoughts on charity and this feeling that I am not doing enough... Then I found this quote, that one does not have to do it all. That maybe doing even a little bit is better than doing nothing. I mean, of course it is, but is it enough? And what does enough mean? What more can I do?

And the answer is... to be more altruistic. That's going to be my focus for the following months. Help more, give more, expect nothing in return. I don't mean giving my entire bank account to the charity, but learning to give without feeling guilty because I am doing what I can and do more when possible.

These days I am searching for the answer to that century old question: are people good or bad? Or what makes some people good and some bad, or how can people be good and bad at the same time and is it nature or nurture? Maybe I should start with some old philosophers... and in the end I know it is about opinions and beliefs. And I believe that people are mostly good - in spite of the state of our world, I prefer to see the good in humans.

I think everyone agrees that altruism is good and even small gestures matter like a stranger showing you the right directions or a neighbour helping you move furniture.

In the end, that is my goal for the following months: cultivate my altruism. I know I am a nice person (it does always sound weird to acknowledge it like this), but I want to be more mindful about it and more active when it comes to being kinder, more grateful and doing more random acts on kindness (not just around Christmas time - although I should make a plan to release some more Christmas related items on my shop because that's when I get most orders and like last year, I want to donate it all to UNHCR - any Christmas ideas, please share them on my email), also make other people happier and try to judge less.

Last but not least, and this is not as much related to altruism, just a personal mantra - do not forget who I am and where I started from because I saw it so often how people lose themselves while they get older or richer or gain some sort of social status and what not. So be honest and authentic (I am still trying to figure this word out).

// Andreea

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